Symposium "The Common Grounds", Part I

Learning from Contexts and Communities
(extended Member’s Forum)

11th May 2018 (Friday)
4.00–6.00 p.m.
Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk (Targ Węglowy 6)

I | Art and Public Space
Henriette Bretton Meyer (moderator)
(room: PATIO)

  1. Eulalia Domanowska, Reflextions after the conference “Sculpture Today. Art in Public Space”
  2. Dermis P. León, Transfer Station: Havana
  3. Olaf Stüber, Videoart at Midnight – an artist cinema project as public place
  4. Emmanuel Lambion,

II | Art and Science
Ombretta Agrò Andruff (moderator)
(room: BASZTA)

  1. Dominique Moulon, Art Beyond Digital
  2. Johanna Schindler, Synchronized Practices? Research at the Intersection Between the Arts and Sciences
  3. Tanja Thorjussen, Thale Fastvold, Artistic Research as Curatorial Praxis - Political And Ecological Aspects
  4.  Sarah Corona, Is Facebook Porn_O(r)_Graphic?
  5. Kirse Junge-Stevnsborg, Futures
  6. Vanina Saracino, The Crisis of the Horizon (Viewing from Above in Times of Ecological Catastrophes
  7. Taru Elfving, Spectres in Change – Emergent Methodologies of Retreat

III | Art in the Changing World
Katalin Timár (moderator)
(room: AULA)

  1. Earl Miller, A New Turn for Indigenous Art Curation in Canada
  2. Miguel Amado, ‘What Is to Be Done?’: Curating as an ‘Organic Intellectual’ Practice or Art without Art for the Undercommons (A Post-Artistic Response to Post-Political Times)

IV | Art between Disciplines
Freek Lomme (moderator)
(room: AULA)

  1. Biung Ismahasan, Ethno-Spatiality as Sovereignty: Curating Performative Encounter(s) of Indigenous Taiwanese
  2. Berta Sichel, Media and Uncovered issues