IKT Congress 2018

The registration is now open for the IKT Congress in Gdansk and the Tri-City area including Sopot and Gdynia (May 10th to 13th, 2018) and for the Post-Congress in Vilnius (May 14th to 15th, 2018). To register, please find registration form here.

The IKT board is delighted to present an overview of our forthcoming IKT Congress organized by our IKT members from Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art and Contemporary Art Center Vilnius. When planning your trip, please consider that the local check-in for the congress will be open on Thursday, May 10th from 5 to 8 pm at Laznia II in Novy Port, Gdansk. Please find a detailed programme of the three days in Gdansk and the entire Tri-City and the two days in Vilnius here and a list of recommended accommodation in Gdansk and Vilnius here.

Have you already registered for this years’ symposium? If not, please do so as soon as possible, we would like to hear about your experiences, places share your knowledge and ideas with your colleagues while participating in one of the four panels. Fore more info and application forms please see below. We have a new deadline for this: Applications are eligible until February 7th, 2018.

As in the past years, IKT members and curators who are interested in our network can apply for one of 6 Harald Szeemann grants which supports their participation in the congress and the post-congress 2018 with € 500. Please find the application form here.

For those who want to register for the post-congress in Vilnius, Laznia Centre of Contemporary Art and Contemporary Art Center in Vilnius have secured a number of grants which will be given on a first come first served base. Please apply here for this opportunity. Everybody is still working hard to make more means to fund your trips available, so fingers crossed! So far, Laznia will provide 15 one way flight tickets from Gdansk to Vilnius on Sunday, May 13th, please apply here for this opportunity. With the support of the Lithuanian Institute Cac Vilnius will sponsor four one way flight tickets and hotel accommodations for two nights in Vilnius for four people. Please apply here.

We are very much looking forward to the IKT Congress in Poland and Lithuania and hope to see you there in May!



Call for Papers for the

IKT Symposium 2018: The Common Grounds. Learning from Contexts and Communities
Part 1: Practice
11th May, 04.00-06.00 pm 
Academy of Fine Arts Gdansk
Organizers: IKT International Association of Curators of Contemporary Art, Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art Gdansk, Leonardo/The International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology, IAM (Adam Mickiewicz Institute)

In occasion of the IKT Congress 2018 in Gdansk we will celebrate 50 years of the LEONARDO network and 20 years of Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art

The IKT Symposium 2018 will consist in two interrelated parts. As in the previous years there will be a curated symposium with external speakers, but the first part will introduce IKT members’ contributions. It will be focused on practice and serves as an extention of the IKT Members’ Forum. The IKT members will gather around 4 thematic tables which will be organized simultaneously. You are asked to choose one option. Each member will have the opportunity to present a project relating to the chosen theme. If you prefer to only listen and not to present, you still need to chose the thematic table you want to participate and to register for it.

You will notice, that all the topics offer a quite wide range of approaches. Only after receiveing your subscription with the requested short abstract, we will be able to define the shape of each thematic table. In other words, you have impact on how each table discussion will unfold. If we do not hear from you – it will also have impact on the shape of the symposium.

Here is short introduction to the overarching theme of the symposium:
The Common Grounds: Learning from Contexts and Communities
Theory and Practice

The idea that art has fluid borders and works at the ‘edges’ of different disciplines, contexts, and communities is not new. However, the way it appears in contemporary practices and theories requires a new analyzis. The concepts of engagement, participation, interdisciplinarity in art projects are usually considered as enriching, educating or braking the rules. Instead of looking at the aforementioned areas from descriptive point of view, the aim of the symposium is rather to focus on the concrete experiences of our members or speakers. What do liminal, participative and interdisciplinary projects give us? What are ‘we’ really learning? Is the idea of engaging with distinctive areas of knowledge and with communities a mere rhetorical concept, or does it bring something new? What is this ‘new’. What does this consist of? How has the situation changed over the last years? Do these evolutions require new directions, ideas etc? What is our common ground(s)?

The symposium is organized in collaboration with Leonardo/ISAST to celebrate 50 years of growing the network at Art and Science 2017. Leonardo is the International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology (nonprofit) that serves the global network of distinguished scholars, artists, scientists, researchers and thinkers through programs, which focus on interdisciplinary work, creative output and innovation. The question of common grounds is also crucial for such created network of exchange. One of the symposium’s topics will be devoted to art&science and its relation with curating and/or art practice. What is the role of technology and digitization as cultural agency for the art world. In what way is it helping and in what way it might be disturbing or irritating? How it influences or changes such things as: finances, art platforms, models of curating and the nature of presented works. Does film, video and ‘media art’ play important role in this topic?

The aim of the symposium is rather to make visible, analyze and show different approaches to these changes in practice and theory than to define or determine them.

The four thematic directions for these round tables are:

(1) Art and Public Space
related areas of investigation: What is public space? What is public voice? Art in public space, art and community or/and society

(2) Art and Science
related areas of investigation: technology, structure of the information and network society, determinants of participatory culture, internet related issues, environment, sustainability, ecology, climate change, bio-art, media art, film and video

(3) Art in a Changing World
related areas of investigation: relation between politics and art, Migrations Crisis, art and human rights, post-(neo-) colonialism

(4) Art between Disciplines
related areas of investigation: inter or cross-disciplinarity in art, new curatorial perspectives & strategies, projects connected with artistic issues (media art, media, performance etc.)

How to participate?

Please send the following form in an editable format (word, or other) to IKTsymposium2018@iktsite.org no later than February 7th, 2018.

Registration Call for Papers